Improvements on the Manual

Improvements on the Manual - plane. As most of the testers...

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Improvements on the Manual Although the manual functional relatively well for the usability testing some steps of the manual were in need of improvement. These improvements are listed as follows 1. The first addition to the manual would be to add pliers to the list of materials in order to assist with the bending of the folds in Step 12 of the manual. a. In relation to this change, Step 12 will be altered in order to accommodate for this change in supplies. 2. Several of the users also commented on the pictures being hard to follow. In order to improve the manual pictures from various angels should be added to the manual. 3. The main improvement to the manual shall be in the section of throwing the paper
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Unformatted text preview: plane. As most of the testers had minimal trouble constructing the airplane, further focus is needed in the area of throwing, which several of the users at trouble with. a. This section will be added at the end of the manual and include ways to fold the tail in order to induce tricks or farther distance traveled. b. For more advanced users there can even be a section dedicated to additional plane modifications (i.e. ways to decrease drag and increase flight stability) 4. Lastly it would be beneficial for the manual to display a section of tricks/ and or games one can experiment with the paper plane. This would increase the incentive for people to construct the manual....
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Improvements on the Manual - plane. As most of the testers...

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