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Comparative Literature 201 Final Exam Study Guide On the final, you will be asked to identify and comment on five out of eight passages. The following material may be covered: The Gnostic Bible : You will be responsible for identifying a text as Manichaean, Mandaean, or literature of Gnostic Wisdom. You must also be able to identify passages from the Gospel of John. Characters: Yaldabaoth, Sophia, Mani, Jesus, John the Baptizer.
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Unformatted text preview: Paradise Lost : Identify major speeches and descriptions of Satan and Adam. Frankenstein : Identify allusions to Paradise Lost as well as major speeches by Victor and the monster. Life of the Buddha : Buddha, Mara. Endless Universe : Prepare to identify references to other assigned reading and to discuss the authors’ use of literary terms such as “story,” “act,” and “tale.”...
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