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Comparative Literature 201 First Paper Assignment Due in class October 8 Analyze how two different accounts of the creation function as narratives. In your discussion of how different narrators relate to their audiences and how they claim to know the true story of creation, consider whether or not narrative differences highlight other differences in the worldviews of the two texts. Some of these questions may be relevant to your discussion, depending on your selection of texts: 1) How clearly is the speaker identified? (Talk to me or your TA if you do not feel this is clear from the context in a selection from Primal Myths ). 2) Does the text present the speaker as human or divine, or is the question more complicated? 3) How does the speaker know what he is saying is true? How can the audience trust the
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Unformatted text preview: speaker? Does the text address these questions? 4) Is the nature of the text's truth claim related to other moral and philosophical points of the text? 5) How can you classify the literary genre of the text? Is it more narrative or lyrical? Is it a dialog or a monolog? Is the literary form suited to the content? Your paper should have a clear thesis stated somewhere near the beginning. The thesis should focus on a point of comparison that can improve our understanding of the two texts. Alternately, you may write any topic that interests you provided you concentrate on texts that have assigned for the course. You are encouraged to choose your own topic or modify the topic suggested above provided you first discuss the topic with the professor and with your TA....
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