hw2(1) - represent each of the characters in the...

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My UW | UW Search Computer Science Home Page > ~markhill Home Contact Info Schedule LC-3 Simulator Grading Examinations Homework CS/ECE 252  Introduction  to Computer  Engineering Spring 2007 Sections 1 and 2 Instructor Mark D. Hill and TAs Marc de Kruijf & Sanghamitra Roy URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~m arkhill/cs252/Spring2007/ Homework 2 // Due at  Lecture Wed Feb 07 You may do this homework in a group of two students from the same 252 section and turn in one solution at lecture with BOTH students names at the top. First contact for questions is TA
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Marc de Kruijf at: [email protected] Problem 1 Problem 2.3 on page 43 of ItCS, assuming 150 rather than 400 students. Problem 2 Consider all 16 distinct 4-bit combinations. In a table, show what decimal number each pattern corresponds to in unsigned, signed magnitude, and 2's complement. Problem 3 What are the 8-bit patterns used to
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Unformatted text preview: represent each of the characters in the string "CS/ECE 252"? (Only represent the characters between the quotation marks.) Problem 4 Problem 2.8 on page 43 of ItCS. Problem 5 Convert the following 2's complement binary numbers to decimal. 1. 0110 2. 1001 3. 11100110 4. 1000110011111000 Problem 6 Problem 2.19 on page 44 of ItCS, using the value -21 rather than -27. Problem 7 Problem 2.20 on page 45 of ItCS, substituting the following operations for a-e. 1. 0110 + 1001 2. 0100 + 1100 3. 0101 + 0011 4. 1001 - 0010 5. 1011 + 0101 Problem 8 Problem 2.21 on page 45 of ItCS. Computer Sciences | UW Home Page last modified: Saturday, 03-Feb-2007 11:25:42 CST Feedback or content questions: send email to Technical or accessibility issues: [email protected] Copyright © 2002, 2003 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System....
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hw2(1) - represent each of the characters in the...

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