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My UW | UW Search Computer Science Home Page > ~markhill Home Contact Info Schedule LC-3 Simulator Grading Examinations Homework CS/ECE 252  Introduction  to Computer  Engineering Fall 2007 All Sections Instructors Mark D. Hill and Mikko Lipasti TAs Sanghamitra Roy, Eric Hill, Samuel Javner, Natalie Enright Jerger, & Guoliang Jin Homework 4  Solutions Problem 1 A 2-bit by 2-bit unsigned binary multiplier has two 2-bit inputs A and B, and 4-bit output Y. The 4-bit output is the product of A and B. a. Draw the truth table for the multiplier.
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b. Implement Y[3], Y[0] using AND, OR and NOT gates. c. Given the blocks for implementation of Y[3], Y[2], Y[1], Y[0], construct a zero output checker, such that output ZERO is 1 if Y=0, 0 otherwise. Problem 2 In a classic problem, a farmer, a fox, a chicken, and a sack of corn are on the left bank of a river. There is a small boat that will hold the farmer and at most one of the other three. Using as many trips as needed, the farmer must transfer the
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hw4_sol - My UW | UW Search CS/ECE252 Introduction...

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