Lec 2 - Lec 2 - The Old Regime: The European Nation-state...

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Lec 2 - The Old Regime: The European Nation-state of the 17 th century Study Questions 1. What was "unique" about the European nation-state in the 17 th century? There was a shift in power in empire to the European model of nation states from the agrarian powers. Sinai, a scholar argues that Europe develop in an exceptional way, points to the development of the innovational personalities. The model role goes back to Greek democracy and Roman. From Christianity, to the Renaissance, to the Reformation, to the Scientific Revolution, to Enlightenment, to a series of revolution in Britain and France, and then in Haiti, to Latin America to Industrial Revolution, reworks economic and technology that then spread around the world. With the Europeans success in the 19 th century in economic and government, a justification to export that model for further colonization. Marks argued that these developments are because of the world events and then innovational personalities. a. How did Europe develop a unique concept of "nation-states" and achieve a balance of power among them? Mark talks about the notion of the model being so strong that it becomes diffused and desirable around the world. When the Mongol empire fragmented also took down the world system and the Black Death, Europe took advantages to have marine power into the New World before anyone else. Europe is the founder of the system. Climate change, things warm up and agricultural
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Lec 2 - Lec 2 - The Old Regime: The European Nation-state...

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