Lec 3 - Lec. 3 Challenges to Divine Right Monarchy Study...

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Lec. 3 Challenges to Divine Right Monarchy Study Questions: 1. What are some of the forces of change (real events) that challenged the philosophy of divine right monarchy and old regime conceptions of good and proper governance? Thomas Hobbes is writing during the context of British civil wars. Henry VIII established Angloism, as the head of the church and this is a way of securing Catholicism. This is an intense political conflict. The Parliament are typically Anglicans and the King, Charles I wants to dismiss it based on his own influence and this is an example of tyranny. This starts off a political war, and a challenge to absolute monarchy. They tried the King and this is significant because the King is sovereign under the Divine right theory. He is found guilty and was beheaded. Sovereignty does not lie in the King. The nation has a huge debt and commoners were heavily burden. International warfare, nations fought against each religion and political in the 30 years war, have clearly defined boundary. There is an economic growth, growing from overseas trade; city governance becomes important given to townspeople. Commoners are buying into the Second Estates which is not the Divine order. Labor begins to change, more specialization and this benefits women, moving from subsistence to wages. Political, social, and emergence of public sphere, the printing press increases education, gives people opinion pieces. And the King used to control the censorship
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Lec 3 - Lec. 3 Challenges to Divine Right Monarchy Study...

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