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Unformatted text preview: Lec 6 European Nation-State: Mercantilism to the Free Market Adam Smite writes the Wealth of Nation, many of the events of independences are same. He was an Scottish enlightenment thinker. He looks at society and human nature differently not about social order. He look at people economic behavior, he is writing about morality, politics, and religion. Changes in Europe cause economic change. The peasants were acting up and figuring out that they could resist. They were expressing political will. Europe saw economic growth and stability and how early Industry Revolution increased output. The colonies are bringing wealth back into Europe. Goods and raw materials used to manufacture good. After centuries of being behind, they have goods. China is the leader in world commerce and Europe is aware of competition. Consumptions patterned change and stuff represented status and disrupt the old regime order. Capital cities are growing and not enough jobs and theres discontent in the urban regime order....
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