09S01Syllabus - First Year Japanese II C1102/F1102 Spring...

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1 First Year Japanese II C1102/F1102 Spring 2009 General Information I. Course Objective First-Year Japanese II will continue to introduce you to basic Japanese grammar and Japanese culture. This course aims at the acquisition of four basic skills in modern Japanese: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. We will emphasize accuracy and fluency in both spoken and written Japanese communication. In each of the four skills, you will be able to: Speaking: Handle daily situations such as making a request, expressing your opinions etc. Listening: Understand what others say in daily conversations and monologues. Reading: Understand simple passages written in HIRAGANA, KATAKANA, and KANJI or Chinese characters about such topics as one's family, past experiences, etc. Writing: Write letters and passages that tell about yourself and people/things/events related to you. You will also learn about Japanese culture so that you become both grammatically correct and socially appropriate. II. Instructors Section Time Room Instructor Extension Office C1102x 01 M-R11:00 –12:05 423 Kent S. Sato X45500 516 KENT C1102x 02 M-R 1:00 – 2:05 423 Kent M. Nittono X45502 520 KENT C1102x 03 M-R 1:00 – 2:05 405 Kent H. Hamada X45500 516 KENT C1102x 04 M-R 4:10 – 5:15 405 Kent F. Nazikian X48345 518 KENT F1102x 01 M-R 5:40 – 6:45 522D Kent J. Park X43523 514 KENT III. Textbook and Other Materials - Main Textbook ( Kyōkasho ) I & II Bring to class. They contain the dialogues, sentence patterns and vocabulary list. They will also be used for drills at home. - Bunpō Kaisetsu ) I & II Bring to class. They have the vocabulary list, English translations of the dialogue and sentence patterns. They also explain grammatical patterns. - Exercise Book ( Hyōjun Mondai Syū ) I & II - Reading Book ( Syokyū de yomeru Topic 25 ) I & II - Supplementary Materials (Courseworks) Homework sheets (content questions, reading assignments’ answer sheets, language lab sheets, KANJI sheets, conjugation charts) are available in PDF in CourseWorks (CLASS FILES > Shared Files). -
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09S01Syllabus - First Year Japanese II C1102/F1102 Spring...

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