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Unformatted text preview: Supplementary Materials First-Year Japanese II C/F 1102 / W1002 Lessons 15-32 For private circulation only Not to be reproduced without permission Japanese Language Program Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures Columbia University New York, NY 10027 First Year Japanese II (Spring) Supplementary Materials Table of Contents File A Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Page 1 2 3 7 123 131 140 145 147 177 Notes on the Materials B C D E Passive Vocabulary List (Lessons 15-32) Language Lab Guide Sheets ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content Question Answer Sheets (Lessons 15-32) Reading Assignments: Answer Sheets (Lessons 15- 32) ---------------------------------Reading Assignments: Vocabulary List ----------------------------------------------------- F G H Composition Assignments Kanji Sheets -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verb Conjugation Charts 1 Notes on the materials Homework Drills *(Use the CD and 練習 B and 練習 C in the main textbook) Try to do as often as possible to build fluency. Written Assignments Available in PDF in CourseWorks (CLASS FILES > Shared Files). to download each lesson's file before due date and print it out. Make sure Content Questions (Lessons 15-32) For reading in the 問題(もんだい) sections of the textbook. No Content Questions for L15 and L16. Reading Assignments Occasional extra reading will be assigned. Kanji sheets Writing practice sheets for kanji will be assigned. This is not related to lesson numbers (15-32). They go by unit numbers (1-14). Conjugation charts Conjugation charts for verbs will be assigned. Others Occasionally there will be other assignments which will be announced in class. Language Lab Guide Sheets Bring these guidesheets to the weekly mandatory language lab in 352 IAB. 2 ...
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