B.PassiveVocab - Passive Vocabulary The following...

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Passive Vocabulary The following vocabulary are used in the textbooks and homework assignments. However, they ARE NOT used on the exam L Page Japanese English 15 96 しりょう materials, data カタログ catalog せいひん products ソフト software とこや barber, barber's プレイガイド (theater) ticket agency どくしん single, unmarried 97 にっぽんばし name of a shopping district in Osaka 16 103 サービス service おひきだしですか Are you making a withdrawal? キャッシュカード cash dispensing card あんしょうばんごう personal identification number, PIN きんがく amount of money かくにん confirmation バンドン Bandung (in Indonesia) ベラクルス Veracruz (in Mexico) フランケン Franken (in Germany) フエ Hue (in Vietnam) だいがくまえ fictitious bus stop 17 108 ざんぎょうします work overtime しゅっちょうします go on a business trip きんえん no smoking [ けんこう ] ほけんしょう [health] insurance card 18 114 ーメートル - meter [ ] いのり prayer かちょう section chief ぶちょう department chief 115 ぼくじょう ranch, stock farm ビートルズ the Beatles 19 120 パチンコ pinball game 121 かんぱい Bottoms up./Cheers! かつしかほくさい famous Edo period wood block artist and painter (1760-1849) 20 126 きみ you (an informal equivalent of わたし used by men) 〜くん Mr. (an informal equivalent of 〜さん used by men) サラリーマン salaried worker, office worker
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B.PassiveVocab - Passive Vocabulary The following...

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