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arthum paper - At the top portion of the La Bien Et Le Mal...

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At the top portion of the La Bien Et Le Mal by Victor Orsel, a robed figure, Jesus, resides over all the other illustrations below. Behind him and his surrounding angels are clouds, giving the sense that he is sitting on his thrown in heaven. This is also evidenced by the word “Aternitas” or “Eternity” which hangs right over Jesus’s head. The angel to his right is holding a sword and a scale, deciding whether the two women pleading at Jesus’s feet should enter heaven or hell. Two sets of scales and “iustitia”—probably an allusion to the Roman goddess of justice, rest on either side of the “Aternitas” text, correlating to the placement of the two angels. In the same scene, a woman in red—perhaps a color of vice—is being dragged away by a dark winged creature—the devil. She resides on what would be Jesus’s left, the side that is, in Christian dogma, always subordinate and paired opposite to the strength, piety, and sanctity symbolized by the right. In contrast, on Jesus’s right, what seems to be a pious woman, clothed in green, is being protected by a guardian angel. This duality of left versus right and good versus bad, further expresses itself in the varying color scheme. The “wicked” side is reserved for darker hues: red and bluish greens—such as that of the over grown bush on the outside frame, while “pious” hues seem to be lighter. Jesus is clothed in brown, possibly serving as a bridge between the red and green clothed protagonists. To confirm this assertion of “La Bien” versus “La Mal” at work in the entire painting, the captions “Beatitudo” and “Damnatio”, or “Good” and “Damned” make way for two split
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arthum paper - At the top portion of the La Bien Et Le Mal...

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