Authentication(machine) - A uthentication (Authentication a...

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Authentication (Authentication a computer across a network) (you can find more detail in “Network security” page 215) Authentication each other ==> establish a session(protected by a session key which is usually a separate key.) Authentication human or machine: Sometimes only human , i.e. SSH to a server, you only have to prove you are the user. Sometimes only machine , i.e. DNS servers have to prove to each other who are they. Sometimes both , i.e. a bank employee can only login to a server from a special machine with his username. Difference between authenticating human and machine: Human: can only remember short, guessable password. Machine: can store a high-quality secret, such as a long random-looking number. And it can do cryptography operations. It can also do cryptography operations on behalf of a user. Password-Based Authentication: (This means clear-text password) Guessable, forgettable, eavesdropping, can be given away. Guessing:
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Authentication(machine) - A uthentication (Authentication a...

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