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ISLAM, SPRING 2010 Essay Topic #1: The Qur'ân is a unique example of oral literature. In its codified form, the Qur’ân is the foundation text of the Islamic religious tradition. Write an essay exploring one of the following topics: 1-The Qur’ân is in conversation with itself on a number of critical issues. One of the most important is the internal discussion concerning Freedom and Predestination. Analyze what you determine to be the verses central to this debate. Do you believe that the Qur’ân favors Freedom or Predestination and why? 2- Write a comprehensive analysis of one of the sûras of the Qur’ân between sûra 60 and sûra 90. The challenge you face is to shape your analysis so that it includes not only the central themes of the particular sûra, but also other relevant sections of the Qur’ân text where the same or similar issues are seriously discussed. Beware lest you succumb to vague generalities. The analysis must have a central thesis. Attach to the back of the essay a copy of the sûra you choose to
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Unformatted text preview: analyze. This will allow those of us reading your essay to access easily the text and translation you are using. 3-The three most important rasûls in the Qur’ân are Moses (Mûsa), Jesus (`Isa), and Muhammad. How does the Qur’ân treat the differences among these three? What are the common elements and distinct elements in each of their functions within the text? Your essay should have a central thesis that you argue in a coherent, organized fashion. Do not simply outline the Qur'ânic material. Moreover, do not overwhelm the essay with quotations from the text. The essay should be approximately eight pages in length, typed, double-spaced, with page numbers clearly indicated. . Grammar, punctuation, style, and content will be taken into account in the grading of the essay. Deadlines are final. Late essays will be penalized. The essay is due in class on Wednesday, February 24....
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