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Response to reading for 2/11/10 Byron Good traces the changes of health care in Iran, focusing on Maragheh during the reign of Reza Shah. The individual role of the “hakim” is gradually replaced by a “western” style, stratified apprach to health care, and health care professionals gradually obtain greater wealth and prestige. And yet, as Good demonstrates, modern health care, as it became more “westernized”, did not cater to the needs of the poor, instead tending
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Unformatted text preview: towards the elite and the imperatives of Western drug companies. Good argues for an understanding of health care rooted in histrorical analysis and an understanding of social transformations. This, Good says, may lead to a more egalitarian health care system for the people of Iran. The author relies on statistics as well as first-hand accounts of those familiar with the changes in health care within Iran....
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