Thesis_Bibliography_1 - 2010. Jeffreys, Elaine. Sex and...

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Meredith Crosby February 15, 2010 Buss, Doris and Didi Herman.  Globalizing Family Values: The Christian Right in International   Politics .   Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2003.  Chou, Wah-Shan.  Tongzhi: Politics of same-sex eroticism in Chinese Societies .  New York:  The  Hawthorne Press, 2000. Hirono, Miwa.  Civilizing Missions: International religious agencies in China .  New York:  Palgrave  MacMillan, 2008. Ho, Josephine.  “Is Global Governance Bad for East Asian Queers.”  GLQ   14:4 (2008): 457- 479. Ho, Loretta Wing-Wah.  Gay and Lesbian Subculture in Urban China.  London; New York:  Routledge, 
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Unformatted text preview: 2010. Jeffreys, Elaine. Sex and Sexuality in China. London; New York: Routledge, 2006. Povinelli, Elizabeth A. and George Chauncey. “Thinking Sexuality Transnationally.” GLQ 5:4 (1999): 439-449. Rofel, Lisa. “Qualities of Desire.” GLQ 5:4 (1999):451-474. Schroeder, Sharon and Apo Long. “Conference for Chinese NGOs: codes of conduct and the multifibre arrangement.” Hong Kong: Asia Monitor Resource Center . Book 2v (2005). “Gay Marriage Show Sparks TV Row in Hong Kong.” Friday, January 24, 2007,
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Thesis_Bibliography_1 - 2010. Jeffreys, Elaine. Sex and...

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