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ECE 3060 VLSI and Advanced Digital Design Homework 8 Homework should be submitted at KACB 3318 by 4:30 PM 1.Represent the following functions as a BDD, an OBDD, and an ROBDD (the BDD must not be OBDD or ROBDD and the OBDD must not be ROBDD) i. f = w xy + wxz+ wx y ii. g = w x y+xz+ yz 2. Given the function f = w y z + w x z + x yz + wx y + wx z i. Draw the ROBDD for the variable order wxyz ii. Expand x yz in the y dimension (hint: to expand an implicant in a given dimension
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Unformatted text preview: raise the literal in that dimension to a don’t care). Use the cofactor method derived in class to determine whether this expanded implicant is contained in f. Show the bdd for any cofactor that you need. Repeat for the expansion of x yz in the z dimension. Fall 2007 Due: 5 November, 2007 Section A, B, RPY...
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