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prelab1 - know how to log into yamsrv To run Cadence from...

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ECE 3060 Prelab 1: Cadence Virtuoso Tutorial Part 1 Make sure your UNIX account is up and running. If you have any trouble logging in, please see a User Assistant (UA) in the computer labs on the first floor of KACB. UA hours are posed on the lab doors. Answer the following questions about the unix environment and submit with your first homework set. Feel free to use any resources you want for this prelab. .. I would suguest typing man man on a UNIX/LINUX prompt to get started. 1. What are the following commands/files used for? man ls cd cp rm [thats r m] .my-cshrc pwd mkdir passwd du 2. What will the following commands do if run from the command prompt? cp -R *.log . ./logs/. cd ~ quota -v gtg000a ls -al lpr -PKL1446 foo chmod 700 bar Finally you need to setup your environment for the class. You can do this from any of the ECE labs or from home if you
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Unformatted text preview: know how to log into yamsrv. To run Cadence from home you will need to set up X-Win Emulation . If you want to do this, you are on your own to set it up. First you need to pull up a shell: ± From the unix lab (KACB 1448): Right click-> Tools-> Terminal ± From a PC lab (KACB 1444, 1446): Left click blue X in taskbar-> yamsrv{1|2|3|4} Now that you have your shell you need to create a working directory. .. mkdir ece3060 Now decend into your working directory: cd ece3060 And download the setup script : wget <address of above script> Give the script execute permisions: chmod 700 ece3060setup.rc Source the script: source ece3060setup.rc Finally, resource your login script: source ~/.my-cshrc Page 1 of 1 ECE 3060 Prelab 1 8/27/2007 http://www.ece.gatech.edu/academic/courses/fall2007/ece3060/labs/lab1/prelab.htm...
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