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E7 Assignment Formatting and Submission Instructions This document explains the correct formatting for E7 assignment solutions. This is done to ease the workload for the course graders, who will be splitting over 400 assignments between the three of them each week. Those that do not follow this format closely could be taken out points up to 100% on Assignment 0 and 30% on all assignments thereafter. a.) Your answers will be pasted into a Microsoft Word file. b.) It will have a header with your name and SID in the upper left and the assignment number and due date in the upper right. c.) Put a header in your file by clicking V iew, then H eader and Footer, and then typing your information into it. d.) Title your assignment including number and assignment title. e.) Number your pages by clicking I nsert, then Page Nu mbering. Use the default settings. f.) Each problem should be bolded and labeled along with its title. The solution to a problem should include what you typed into the command prompt, the
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