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Your Name Here Assignment # Your Student ID Here Assignment Due Date Here 1 Assignment 0: Introduction to MATLAB (Assignment # and Title go here) Problem 1: Solving the example problem (Problem Number and Statement) 1.1) The function travel solves the Traveling Salesman problem. The traveling salesman problem is to form a closed circuit of a number of cities while traveling the shortest total distance along the way
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Unformatted text preview: . (Sample Answer and Commentary) (Paste figures directly if the problem asks for them) mycode.m (Use this box to show m-file code and title at the top. Use for any function that you create yourself) Function output = mycode(input) Output = 1 + input %Example Code End (Box any inputs typed at the command prompt and subsequent outputs) 1.2) … (Label each subproblem individually) >> x = mycode(2) Output = 3 x = 3...
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