E7+Discussion+1+_1-22_,+David+Leung - 1st Lecture *Before...

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1 st Lecture *Before class; name, email on board, outline 1. About me a. 1 st year grad for CE b. Took E77 with Sengupta in Freshman year c. Taught 2 semester of physics as an undergraduate 2. General Course Layout a. Email Policy i. Email me for any questions. 24 hr response time. No code b. Matlab i. Course is about Matlab (go over later) ii. Not required, can use at lab for free, can buy for $99 c. Assignments i. Assignment zero posted, due next Friday @ 5:00. Upload lab on assignment section. 9 hw total ii. Don’t post code on bspace! (Chatrooms and forums) d. Lab i. Though optional, must attend assigned lab unless another is open on bspace ii. Drop-in hours at 1109 Etcheverry MW 12,1, TuTh 6-8, Fri 8-5 1. 212 Wheeler MW 9-1,5-6, TuTh 9-10,12-2,5-6,Fri 9-8 iii. After hours policy 1. Students in MW 6-8pm or want to use TuTh 6-8pm 2. Form from 5102 Etcheverry, with check for $10 and Sengupta’s signature e. Office Hours i. TBD. Chat Room? f.
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This note was uploaded on 02/19/2010 for the course ENGINEERIN 72826 taught by Professor Sengupta/leachman/johnson during the Spring '10 term at Berkeley.

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E7+Discussion+1+_1-22_,+David+Leung - 1st Lecture *Before...

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