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Unformatted text preview: University of California at Berkeley Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Engineering 10 Fall 2009 Professor Leachman Optimization Part Lab #2 Assignment Mr. Watson has 100 acres that can be used for growing corn or soybeans. His yield is 95 bushels per acre per year of corn or 60 bushels of soybeans. Any fraction of the 100 acres can be devoted to growing either crop. Labor requirements are 4 hours per acre per year, plus 0.70 hour per bushel of corn and 0.15 hour per bushel of soybeans. Cost of seed, fertilizer, and so on is 24 cents per bushel of corn and 40 cents per bushel of soybeans. Corn can be sold for $1.90 per bushel, and soybeans for $3.50 per bushel. Corn can be purchased for $3.00 per bushel, and soybeans for $5.00per bushel. In the past, Mr. Watson has occasionally raised pigs and calves. He sells the pigs or calves when they reach the age of one year. A pig sells for $80 and a calf for $160. One pig requires 20 bushels of corn or 25 bushels of soybeans, plus 25 hours of labor and 25 square feet of floor...
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