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E10 Spring 2010, Prof. Leachman Operations Management Homework Due at start of class, Wed, Feb. 17 Consider a multi-item, single machine production system with the following parameters: Pro- Inven- Setup Produc- Setup Avg. De- duct tory Cost Cost tion Rate Time mand Rate ($/unit- ($) (units/ (periods) (units/ period) period) period)
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Unformatted text preview: 1 0.05 250 6000 0.25 1200 2 0.10 250 4000 0.25 1000 3 0.15 250 3000 0.25 300 Suppose the items will be produced according to a simple rotation cycle. Calculate the least-cost target cycle length. Verify that your target cycle length is long enough to allow enough time for product changeovers (setups) as well as replenishment....
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