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Pre-Lab Questions for the Mechanical Engineering E10 Module These questions are meant to ensure that you and your group arrive at lab on the day that you do your testing well prepared to make the measurements in the time allotted to each group. You should be able to answer them all after reading the attached procedures. Bring your answers to these questions with you to lab the day that you do your testing 1. What type of shoes are not acceptable in the lab? 2. What are the independent variables for the tests you will perform? 3. What is the range of loads (electrical resistance) that you will be applying to your wind turbine generator during testing? 4. What is the electrical load, in ohms, expected to be if the dial on the load controller displays “700”? 5. What is the maximum motor speed, in RPM, for the wind tunnel drive? 6. What are the estimated wind speeds for motor speeds of 500 RPM and 1100 RPM? 7. How will you determine the speed at which your rotor blades are turning? What are the units for this measurement? 8. What five quantities do you need to record for each observation state? 9. How will you determine the power produced by the generator from the measurements that you make? 10. For a measurement of voltage drop across the load, how is power calculated?
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Wind Tunnel Testing Procedure 1. The wind tunnel that we will use for the wind turbine testing is in Hesse Hall just outside of room 50. Hesse is located between McCone and O’Brien Halls. The easiest entrance is on the south side of the building just beyond the saber-tooth tiger sculpture near McCone. There are two doors to Hesse in this vicinity. Use the south-facing door closest to McCone for easiest access to the wind tunnel. easiest access to wind tunnel 2. Read the “ME Instructional Laboratory and Student Shop Safety Guidelines” (the last two pages of this assignment) and sign the acknowledgement form. Note in particular the first two items dealing with eye protection and foot wear. You should purchase a pair of safety glasses or goggles and bring them to the lab. Safety glasses/goggles should be available at the ASUC store or in the Mechanical Engineering Student Shop (1166 Etcheverry Hall). If you purchase these from the Student Shop, you must pay with a check – no cash or credit cards. Make sure that you wear shoes that cover your toes – no flip-flops or sandals. 3. You need to arrive at the lab in Hesse Hall at least 15 minutes before your scheduled testing time. During this “prep period,” your group will make sure that your rotors fit on the generator mount and make final preparations to be sure that you are ready to perform all tests within the 30 minute testing period. Given the number of groups and the limited time available, it is imperative that you plan in advance what you will do in the lab. Read and discuss this set of procedures carefully before your lab day, and come to lab with a “game plan.” This might involve preparing a set of data sheets onto
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Wind+Tunnel+Testing+Procedure+Spring+2010 E10 MECH E -...

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