BE4 - Less: Unrealizes loss on available-for-sale...

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Homework # 4 Brief Exercises BE17-1 Jan.1 Debt Investments 46,800 Cash 46,800 (To record purchase of bonds) Jul.1 Cash 2,340 Interest Revenue 2,340 (To record receipt of interest on bonds) BE17-2 Aug.1 Stock Investments 35,600 Cash 35,600 (To record purchase of 1 000 shares of Morgan common stock) Dec.1 Cash 40,000 Gain on Sale of Stock Investment 4,400 Stock Invesments 35,600 (To record sale of Morgan common stock) BE17-3 Dec.31 Stock Investments 54,000 Revenue from Investment in Hyde Company 54,000 (To record 30% equity in Hyde`s 2005 net income) Dec.31 Cash 15,000 Stock Investments 15,000 (To record dividends received) BE17-4 Dec.31 Unrealized Loss - Income 5,000 Market Adjustment - Trading 5,000 (To record unrealized loss on trading securities) BE17-5 Homura Company Balance Sheet (partial) Assets Current assets Short-term investments, at fair value 59,000 Stockholders` equity
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Unformatted text preview: Less: Unrealizes loss on available-for-sale securities 5,000 BE17-6 Dec.31 Unrealized Loss - Equity 4,000 Market Adjustment - Avalable-for-Sale 4,000 (To record inrealized loss on avalable-for-sale securities) BE17-7 Karpman Corporation Balance Sheet (partial) Assets Investments Investment in stock, at fair value 68,000 Liabilities and Stockholder`s Equity Stockholder`s equity Less: Unrealized loss on available-for-sale securities 4,000 BE17-8 Dobbs Corporation Balance Sheet (partial) Liabilities and Stockholder`s Equity Common stock Kubek.Co, at fair value 115,000 Common stock of Ely Inc., at equity 250,000 Total paid-in capital 365,000 Add: Unrealized gain on available-for-sale securities 7,000 Total stockholders` equity 372,000...
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BE4 - Less: Unrealizes loss on available-for-sale...

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