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SOUTHWEST COLLEGE Department of Mathematics COURSE SYLLABUS Revised 10-16-09 MATH 1314: College Algebra Spring, 2010 / Class Number 20396 / Sat, 9:00-12:00 a.m. / Alief Center, Rm B.122 INSTRUCTOR: Maria Tolentino, Ph D CONFERENCE TIMES: Before or After class CONTACT INFORMATION: [email protected] MYMATHLAB COURSE ID: tolentino09293 (The Mymathlab access code is included in the book package at the bookstores. It can also be purchased separately online or at the bookstore.) Textbook: Essentials of College Algebra . Lial, Hornsby, and Schneider. Pearson/Addison-Wesley: Boston, 2008. (The textbook is packaged together with the solutions manual and the Mymathlab access code at the bookstores at SW College.) Catalog Description: Topics include quadratics, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and exponential functions; systems of equations; matrices; and determinants. A departmental final examination will be given in this course. Prerequisites: Math 0312 or Math 0112: Pass with “C” or better Or Acceptable placement test score. Credits: 3 credit hours (3 lecture). This course is designed as a review of advanced topics in algebra for science and engineering students who plan to take the calculus sequence in preparation for their various degree programs. It is also intended for non-technical students who need college mathematics credits to fulfill requirements for graduation and prerequisites for other
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courses. It is generally transferable to other disciplines as math credit for non-science majors. Testing policy: There will be three major tests, a homework grade, and the final examination. Tests will be returned within a week. If a student does not perform well on the 1 st test, then it is the student’s responsibility to see the instructor in order to discuss the situation. Bonus Points can be earned on the three major tests . Make-up policy: No makeup tests will be given. The final exam grade will be substituted for a missed test. If a second test or the final exam is missed, the score for that test is zero (0) Grading policy: Your final course grade is based on the following standard HCC scale. Final Average 90 Avg 100 80 Avg < 90 70 Avg < 80 60 Avg < 70 Avg < 60 Final Course Grade A B C D F Final Average = (Test 1 + Test 2 +Test 3 + homework grade + Final Exam + Final Exam) / 6 Final Examination: The final examination is departmental and consists of 33 multiple-choice problems. The problems cover all the material required in the course. Homework policy: All homework must be completed online using MYMATHLAB. The MyMathLab Course ID to be used for registration purposes is tolentino09293 and the school zip code is 77477 . To register for MyMathLab and to access the homework, go to . Bonus points will be awarded for completing the homework with a 90 or more on
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syllabus_math_1314_-_college__algebra__sat - SOUTHWEST...

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