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SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS COURSE: Econ 831-4 SEMESTER: Fall 2009 TITLE: Mathematical Economics INSTRUCTOR: B. Antoine PREREQUISITES: ECON 331 Description: The course provides a fairly rigorous treatment of the mathematical methods used in graduate economic courses. Topics that will be covered include: (1) Dynamic Optimization (maximum theorem, dynamic programming) (2) Introduction to probability and distribution theory Recommended Texts: The following books are strongly recommended: (1) Sundaram, R., A First Course in Optimization Theory, Cambridge University Press, 1996, (part 1) (2) Ok, E., Real Analysis with Economic Applications, Princeton University Press, 2007, (part 1, more involved) (3) Bierens, H.,
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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics, Cambridge University Press, 2004, (part 2) Grading: The course grade is based on written assignments (20% total), one midterm (30%) and a final (50%). ** CLASS BEGINS ON SEPTEMBER 8 ** Students requiring accommodations as a result of a disability must contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities at 778-782-3112 or csdo@sfu.ca All students are expected to read and understand SFUs policies with regard to academic dishonesty (T 10.02 and T 10.03). These policies are available at the following web addresses: http://www.sfu.ca/policies/teaching/t10-02.htm and http://www.sfu.ca/policies/teaching/t10-03.htm...
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