Sample Midterm - Name Sample Midterm Exam G.D Bittner...

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Name: __________________________ Student EID # Sample Midterm Exam G.D. Bittner 1. In myelinated axons, conduction velocity is usually proportional to a. Square root of the axonal diameter b. Number of myelin wrappings c. Axonal diameter d. Distance between nodes e. None of the above 2. What ion is important at the presynaptic terminal for initiating the fusion of synaptic vesicles with the plasma membrane? a. Na + b. Ca 2+ c. K + d. Cl _ e. all of the above 3. Cytoplamic enzymes needed for synthesis of some neurotransmitters (e.g. Acetylcholine) are synthesized in the perikaryon and transported to the nerve terminal by a. orthograde fast transport b. retrograde fast transport c. slow axonal transport d. diffusion 4. A transient increase in synaptic strength that occurs when two or more action potentials invade the presynaptic terminal in close succession is called? a. Heterosynaptic sensitization b. homosynaptic facilitation c. synaptic depression d. post-tetanic potentiation 5. These plasma membrane proteins expend energy to help maintain ionic concentration gradients a. ion channels b. active transporters c. metabotropic receptors d. 6. Electrical synapses are characterized by a. gap junctions b. almost instantaneous signal transmission 1
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c. amplification d. e. 7. Heterosynaptic facilitation a. Is a presynaptic phenomenon b. Involves more than two nerve cells c. May last for minutes or months d. e. a&b&c 8. Acts to keep free intracellular Ca +2 concentration low f. Calbindin g. Ca++ pump h. Na+/Ca++ exchanger i. Calmodulin j. All of the above 9. Which one of the following does not act as a second messenger? a. Ca++ b. cAMP c. G proteins d. K + 10. These receptors bind ligands and produce a slower, longer-lasting response: a. metabotropic receptors b. ionotropic receptors c. AMPA receptors d. Nicotinic Acetylcholine receptors 11. Which of the following is not part of the criteria for determining if a compound is a neurotransmitter? a. Substance must be present within the presynaptic neuron b. Substance must have a Ca++ - dependent release upon depolarization of the presynaptic cell c. Specific receptors for the substance must be present on postsynaptic cell.
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Sample Midterm - Name Sample Midterm Exam G.D Bittner...

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