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Review Session for finalevo

Review Session for finalevo - Review Session for...

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Review Session for final-evolution: % old stuff: 15 new questions, 10 each on old exams (45 total) 2-fold cost of meiosis: *when asexual- don’t need anyone, and offspring will be 100% of genotype of parent. When sexual: offspring will only be 50% it’s better to be asexual when your genotype is good and nothing is changing. Cost of being male: b/c need someone else; can’t do it alone Hamilton’s rule: RB is greater than C. Then altruism can evolve. Haldane’s rule: heterozygote disadvantage. 3 explanations to explain: Shamsky-Mueller, faster male, faster x/z -this is b/c: males cannot mask certain diseases expressed on X chromosome -Shamsky Miller: on notecard -faster male hypothesis: males evolve faster than females b/c there are more pressures from sexual selection -faster X/Z hypothesis: when heterozygote is female, any bad mutations would be lost faster and any good mutations would be fixed faster 15. need another species b/c need a species to compare the species in question to.
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