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1008evolution Sensory bias/exploitation: female preference exists before the male trait even exists -can explain preference for exaggerated trait -can be starting point for evolution for female preference -direct selection -indirect selection Phylogenetic Methods: -mapping a trait on a tree -under parsimony -parsimony optimality criterion -minimizes change -parsimony can be used to select tree topology hypotheses -rooted vs unrooted trees -unrooted tree: know nothing about time or order of evolutionary events -root a tree: define where the oldest point is on that tree
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Unformatted text preview: -giving a direction to tree-use an OUTGROUP to say where oldest point of tree is comparative method:-using phylogenies to compare evolution of trait across different species-usually used when evolution of trait not variable within species Q: do power lines cause cancer?-group of humans that live near power lines, grou that doesnt-envi is otherwise identical-powerline 35/50-no powerline 2/50-but 33 of ppl in power line group are RELATED-so now there might be genetic factor involved...
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