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Lecture 12: Applications of Evolution -genomics revolution: increase in data for evolution; phylogeny papers increased -trial:HIV -one person can be identified as the source of infections -one individual is paraphyletic to the rest -Bulgarian health-care workers: freed from death sentences -can find origin of disease, identification of cause, track spread of disease, find what allows disease to escape immune system, vaccine development -HIV: two different primate hosts are responsible for two different types of HIV -HIV 1: chimpanzees -HIV 2: sooty mangabeys
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Unformatted text preview: INFLUENZA:-2 readings-hemagglutinin is responsible for binding to host cells-host cannot be reinfected w/ same strain-b/c hemagglutinin binds to host cell, also is primary protein recognized by host immune system-trunking!-sequenced antigenic sites of hemagglutinin gene, measured genetic difference between samples-what did they find? Genetic divergence from original sample increased by a lot-not genetic drift b/c divergence rate too rapid-so, genetic divergence of hemagglutinin gene has been driven by natural selection for immune evasion...
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