final - 1 The painting, Rostam kills the white div (Fig.1),...

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1 The painting, Rostam kills the white div (Fig.1), is a detail work of art illustrating different scenes. The scenes include Rostam killing a white demon in the cave, other demons around and near the cave are expressing their emotion towards the incident and also arguing, and a man dressed like a king or prince tied to a tree and a lipard is aiming to attack him. However, Rostam killing the White demon, which is taken from the Shahname of Ferdawsi, is the focus of the painting. Shahname describes Rostam a man of courage, a lion, the keeper of Iran, a fighter who knows how to win, and many other characteristics related to his bravery and loyalty to the king, his father. Therefore, the painting is depicting the old Rostam surrounded by dozens of demons while he is slaying the White demon. But, I am more interesting in the demons emotions and gestures and how they are illustrated by the artist. The focus of my paper will be to study how demons are depicted by different artists in terms of emotion, gesture, and color, and compare these characteristics to illustrated human beings. Fig. 1 is a painting attributed to Sultan Mohammad in Tabriz, Iran ca. 1525. The art work is Opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper, mounted on an album page. The illustration is 25 x 14.7 cm. Among the figures, demons have the most emotions and gestures, which make the painting a puzzling piece. However, the demons around Rustam seem to be in conflict among themselves. Some are aiming rocks at Rustam and others are preventing their fellow demons from throwing the stone. Moreover, demons’ open mouths represent their anger and dissatisfaction. The White demon in the cave seems to be the
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2 leader because he is depicted bigger and stronger than other demons. Figures 12, 9 and 3 is the same demon fighting with Rostam in three different paintings. Fig. 12 illustrates the demon as tall, skinny, and old. On the other hand, Rostam is depicted the opposite-- strong,
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final - 1 The painting, Rostam kills the white div (Fig.1),...

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