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1 STYLE SHEET FOR PAPERS Overall Format Your text should be double-spaced (but footnotes should be single-spaced), and leave margins of about 1" on top, bottom, and both sides of the page. Include a title page with your name, the course number and name, and the title and date of the paper. Staple or bind the pages firmly together, and be sure to proofread your paper before handing it in. As a general rule, the titles of works of art, like the titles of books, are italicized: Michelangelo's David , Caravaggio's Conversion of St. Paul . However, the names of buildings and a few other types of object are left in roman letters: Sistine Chapel, Lincoln Cathedral, Lindisfarne Gospels, Book of Kells. When in doubt, look to see how your textbook deals with the work you are referring to, or with similar works. If your paper includes illustrations, they should be properly identified in captions or in a separate list of illustrations. Identify the work and specify the source from which your illustration is taken (in the same way that you would specify the source of a quotation in a footnote [see below]). For example: Figure 1.Michelangelo, David , 1501-3. After Hugh Honour and John Fleming, The Visual Arts: A History , 4th ed. (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1995), p. 448, fig. 11,25. Figure 2.Lincoln Cathedral, Angel Choir looking northeast, begun 1256. After Christopher Wilson, The Gothic Cathedral (London: Thames and Hudson, 1990), p. 184, fig. 135. If you are using images from ARTstor, please refer to ARTstor’s "help" page about citations, which you will find here: Footnotes Use footnotes to identify the sources you have drawn on in preparing your paper. This means not only the sources of quotations but also the sources of all opinions or interpretations
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