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Mark Mulvaney Professor Federman Perspective Justice Studies I African Americans have always been stereotyped as the first person accused of a crime. Whether it has been something as big as racial profiling, or as little as a misdemeanor, African Americans are usually thought of as the first to commit the crime. The reason for this being is because we, as a society, are very easy to judge on statistics. According to the 1994 Bureau of Justice Statistics, statistics show that 48% of all persons in prison are black. Most people now automatically stereotype black individuals as a
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Unformatted text preview: violent piece of society. The fight for equality for the black community in crime and criminal justice is still going on today but has drastically changed. Racial profiling has not been an issue during the time of the civil rights movement, but has become a persistent problem in the fight for equality today. Compared to the time of the civil rights movement, blacks are more equal and have the same amount of rights as any American caitizen....
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