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Tracer - default constructor public Tracer world_ptr = null...

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package raytracer.tracers; import raytracer.utility.Ray; import raytracer.utility.RGBColor; import raytracer.world.World; //This is the declaration of the base class Tracer //The tracer classes have no copy constructor, assignment operator. or clone function because //of the world pointer, which should not be assigned or copy constructed //See comments in World.java public abstract class Tracer { protected World world_ptr; // --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: default constructor public Tracer() { world_ptr = null; } // -------------------------------------------------------------------- constructor public Tracer(World worldPtr){ world_ptr = worldPtr; } // -------------------------------------------------------------------- trace_ray public abstract RGBColor trace_ray(Ray ray); // -------------------------------------------------------------------- trace_ray public abstract RGBColor trace_ray(Ray ray, int depth); }...
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