ShadeRec - package raytracer.utility; import...

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package raytracer.utility; import; //There is no default constructor as the World reference has to be initialised //There is also no assignment operator as we don't want to assign the world anywhere //The copy constructor only copies the world reference //The ray tracer is written so that new ShadeRec objects are always constructed //using the first constructor or the copy constructor public class ShadeRec { public boolean hit_an_object; // did the ray hit an object? // public Material material; // pointer to the nearest object's material public Point3D hit_point; // world coordinates of intersection public Point3D local_hit_point; // world coordinates of hit point on untransformed object (used for texture transformations) public Normal normal; // normal at hit point public Ray ray; // required for specular highlights and area lights public int depth; // recursion depth public double t; // ray parameter public float u; // texture coordinate public float v; // texture
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ShadeRec - package raytracer.utility; import...

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