Normal - #ifndef_NORMAL#define_NORMAL This file contains...

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#ifndef __NORMAL__ #define __NORMAL__ # // This file contains the declaration of the class Normal / #include "Matrix.h" #include "Vector3D.h" #include "Point3D.h" # class Normal { public: p double x, y, z; x public: p Normal(void); // default constructor Normal(double a); // constructor Normal(double _x, double _y, double _z); // constructor Normal(const Normal& n); // copy constructor Normal(const Vector3D& v); // constructs a normal from vector c ~Normal(void); // destructor / Normal& // assignment operator operator= (const Normal& rhs); o Normal& // assignment of a vector to a normal operator= (const Vector3D& rhs); o Normal& // assignment of a point to a normal operator= (const Point3D& rhs); o Normal // unary minus operator- (void) const; o Normal // addition operator+ (const Normal& n) const; o Normal& // compound addition operator+= (const Normal& n); o double operator* (const Vector3D& v) const; // dot product with a vector on the right p
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Normal // multiplication by a double on the right
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Normal - #ifndef_NORMAL#define_NORMAL This file contains...

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