Point3D - #ifndef __POINT3D__ #define __POINT3D__ # // This...

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Unformatted text preview: #ifndef __POINT3D__ #define __POINT3D__ # // This file contains the defintion of the class Point3D / #include "Matrix.h" #include "Vector3D.h" # class Point3D { public: p double x, y, z; d Point3D(); // default constructor Point3D(const double a); // constructor Point3D(const double a, const double b, const double c); // constructor Point3D(const Point3D& p); // copy constructor ~Point3D(); // destructor / Point3D& // assignment operator operator= (const Point3D& p); o Point3D // unary minus operator- (void) const; o Vector3D // vector joining two points operator- (const Point3D& p) const; o Point3D // addition of a vector / operator+ (const Vector3D& v) const; o Point3D // subtraction of a vector operator- (const Vector3D& v) const; o Point3D // multiplication by a double on the right operator* (const double a) const; o double // square of distance bertween two points d_squared(const Point3D& p) const; d double // distance bewteen two points distance(const Point3D& p) const; }; } // inlined member functions...
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Point3D - #ifndef __POINT3D__ #define __POINT3D__ # // This...

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