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// this file contains the definition of the class ShadeRec / // there is no default constructor as the World reference always has to be initialised // there is also no assignment operator as we don't want to assign the world // the copy constructor only copies the world reference // the ray tracer is written so that new ShadeRec objects are always constructed // using the first constructor or the copy constructor / #include "Constants.h" #include "ShadeRec.h"
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Unformatted text preview: # // ------------------------------------------------------------------ constructor / ShadeRec::ShadeRec(World& wr) : hit_an_object(false), local_hit_point(), normal(), color(black), w(wr) {} { // ------------------------------------------------------------------ copy constructor c ShadeRec::ShadeRec(const ShadeRec& sr) : hit_an_object(sr.hit_an_object), local_hit_point(sr.local_hit_point), color(sr.color), w(sr.w) {} {...
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