ShadeRec - object? Point3D local_hit_point; // world...

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#ifndef __SHADE_REC__ #define __SHADE_REC__ # // this file contains the declaration of the class ShadeRec / class World; // only need a forward class declaration as the World data member is a reference i #include "Point3D.h" #include "Normal.h" #include "RGBColor.h" # class ShadeRec { public: p bool hit_an_object; // did the ray hit an
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Unformatted text preview: object? Point3D local_hit_point; // world coordinates of hit point Normal normal; // normal at hit point RGBColor color; // used in Chapter 3 only World& w; // world reference for shading r ShadeRec(World& wr); // constructor / ShadeRec(const ShadeRec& sr); // copy constructor }; } #endif...
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