Plane - clone(void) const; c Plane& // assignment...

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#ifndef __PLANE__ #define __PLANE__ # #include "GeometricObject.h" # //-------------------------------------------------------------------- class Plane / class Plane: public GeometricObject { c public: p Plane(void); // default constructor / Plane(const Point3D& point, const Normal& normal); // constructor c Plane(const Plane& plane); // copy constructor / virtual GeometricObject* // virtual copy constructor
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Unformatted text preview: clone(void) const; c Plane& // assignment operator operator= (const Plane& rhs); o virtual // destructor ~Plane(void); ~ virtual bool hit(const Ray& ray, double& tmin, ShadeRec& sr) const; h private: p Point3D a; // point through which plane passes Normal n; // normal to the plane / static const double kEpsilon; // for shadows and secondary rays }; } #endif...
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