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Civil War to Present Final Review 1960’s Freedom Movements: - Sit-In’s at restaurants by blacks to be served in Nashville. - On May 10 th sit-in’s prove successful, black customers were served at 6 downtown stores. - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee formed (SNNC) which encouraged direct, radical, and nonviolent actions (had black and white members). - Freedom Rides. - University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) was integrated. - In Birmingham, children march and are arrested. -“Bomingham” bombings to discourage Civil Rights Acts. - Bomb damaged home of Arthur Shores, NAACP attorney. - Bombing near Gaston Hotel where MLK Jr. was staying. - “Movement Headquarters”,16 th Street Baptist Church was bombed and killed 4 children. - Bombings prompt JFK to take a stand, so he announces intentions for new Civil Rights Act (June 1963). Freedom Rides: - Riders (black and white) rode interstate buses to the segregated South to test the Supreme Court decision in Boynton vs. Virginia (ruled segregation in public transportation was illegal). - From Washington to New Orleans. - Everything went fine until they reached Alabama. ANNISTON - Mobs slash tires but the buses get away. - While changing tires the buses are bombed and mobs held doors closed with the intend of burning the riders. As they managed to get off the bus riders were beaten & only got away b/c of highway patrolmen firing warning shots. BIRMINGAM - Riders attacked by KKK with baseball bats, iron pipes, and bicycle chains. - One KKK beater was FBI agent Gary Thomas Rowe. - White riders singled out, James Peck required 52 stitches. - Original Riders injured and Greyhound didn’t want any more buses being used. - SNCC leader Diana Nash pushed for bus replacements. - Kennedy forces Greyhound to provide more buses. - Some riders were arrested none were injured. March on Washington (August 28 th , 1963) : - For freedom and jobs. - Led by A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin. - 250k people gather and march from the WA Monument to the WA Memorial. - MLK delivers “I have a dream” speech.
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Civil Rights Act of 1964: - JFK had intentions of passing this new Act, after he was murdered LBJ honored JFK by passing this Act. - Outlawed racial segregation in schools and public places. - Howard W. Smith added women to the bill in hopes of not passing the
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Civil War to Present Final Review - Civil War to Present...

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