Civil War – Present Review

Civil War – Present Review - Civil War...

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Civil War – Present Review RECONSTRUCTION Goals of African Americans: -Receive civil rights. Andrew Johnson: - Supported the Presidential Theory - Most southern whites would be pardoned. - Southern states could establish governments. - Southern states must abolish slavery, repudiate secession, and refuse to pay confederate debt Radical Republicans: 13 th Amendment (1865) - Ends slavery! 14 th Amendment (1868) – Grants citizenship to all born in the U.S. Redemption: - White southerners win. - Within 2 decades, black southerners lose almost all the rights they gained between 1865 and 1877 . How did Redeemers achieve their goals? - Tried to keep planter class in political power. - Instituted Black codes. - No interracial marriage. - Blacks couldn’t vote. - Harsher punishment than for a white person for the same crime. GUILDED AGE Robber Barrons – Dominated his industry/ huge fortune as a result of unfair business practices. Industries that experienced growth: - Railroads. - Iron & Steel Production - Petroleum - Utilities Thomas Edison - Invented the light bulb Alexander Graham Bell – Invented the telephone Social Darwinism - “Survival of the fittest.” & Mr. Spencer
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Americans conquered the west by: Plessy vs Ferguson : - Plessy was 1/8 th black and 7/8 th white. - Sat on “whites only” section of train.
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Civil War – Present Review - Civil War...

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