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#ifndef __LIB_DEBUG_H #define __LIB_DEBUG_H /* GCC lets us add "attributes" to functions, function parameters, etc. to indicate their properties. See the GCC manual for details. */ #define UNUSED __attribute__ ((unused)) #define NO_RETURN __attribute__ ((noreturn)) #define NO_INLINE __attribute__ ((noinline)) #define PRINTF_FORMAT(FMT, FIRST) __attribute__ ((format (printf, FMT, FIRST))) /* Halts the OS, printing the source file name, line number, and function name, plus a user-specific message. */ #define PANIC(. ..) debug_panic (__FILE__, __LINE__, __func__, __VA_ARGS__) void debug_panic (const char *file, int line, const char *function,
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Unformatted text preview: const char *message, . ..) PRINTF_FORMAT (4, 5) NO_RETURN; void debug_backtrace (void); void debug_backtrace_all (void); #endif /* This is outside the header guard so that debug.h may be included multiple times with different settings of NDEBUG. */ #undef ASSERT #undef NOT_REACHED #ifndef NDEBUG #define ASSERT(CONDITION) \ if (CONDITION) { } else { \ PANIC ("assertion `%s' failed.", #CONDITION); \ } #define NOT_REACHED() PANIC ("executed an unreachable statement"); #else #define ASSERT(CONDITION) ((void) 0) #define NOT_REACHED() for (;;) #endif /* lib/debug.h */...
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