ustar - /* Directory. */ USTAR_EOF = -1 /* End of archive...

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#ifndef __LIB_USTAR_H #define __LIB_USTAR_H /* Support for the standard Posix "ustar" format. See the documentation of the "pax" utility in [SUSv3] for the the "ustar" format specification. */ #include <stdbool.h> /* Type of a file entry in an archive. The values here are the bytes that appear in the file format. Only types of interest to Pintos are listed here. */ enum ustar_type { USTAR_REGULAR = '0', /* Ordinary file. */ USTAR_DIRECTORY = '5',
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Unformatted text preview: /* Directory. */ USTAR_EOF = -1 /* End of archive (not an official value). */ }; /* Size of a ustar archive header, in bytes. */ #define USTAR_HEADER_SIZE 512 bool ustar_make_header (const char *file_name, enum ustar_type, int size, char header[USTAR_HEADER_SIZE]); const char *ustar_parse_header (const char header[USTAR_HEADER_SIZE], const char **file_name, enum ustar_type *, int *size); #endif /* lib/ustar.h */...
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