syscall - bool remove (const char *file); int open (const...

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#ifndef __LIB_USER_SYSCALL_H #define __LIB_USER_SYSCALL_H #include <stdbool.h> #include <debug.h> /* Process identifier. */ typedef int pid_t; #define PID_ERROR ((pid_t) -1) /* Map region identifier. */ typedef int mapid_t; #define MAP_FAILED ((mapid_t) -1) /* Maximum characters in a filename written by readdir(). */ #define READDIR_MAX_LEN 14 /* Typical return values from main() and arguments to exit(). */ #define EXIT_SUCCESS 0 /* Successful execution. */ #define EXIT_FAILURE 1 /* Unsuccessful execution. */ /* Projects 2 and later. */ void halt (void) NO_RETURN; void exit (int status) NO_RETURN; pid_t exec (const char *file); int wait (pid_t); bool create (const char *file, unsigned initial_size);
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Unformatted text preview: bool remove (const char *file); int open (const char *file); int filesize (int fd); int read (int fd, void *buffer, unsigned length); int write (int fd, const void *buffer, unsigned length); void seek (int fd, unsigned position); unsigned tell (int fd); void close (int fd); /* Project 3 and optionally project 4. */ mapid_t mmap (int fd, void *addr); void munmap (mapid_t); /* Project 4 only. */ bool chdir (const char *dir); bool mkdir (const char *dir); bool readdir (int fd, char name[READDIR_MAX_LEN + 1]); bool isdir (int fd); int inumber (int fd); #endif /* lib/user/syscall.h */...
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