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WeekProb_Sep_7 - Discussion Problems For section week of...

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Unformatted text preview: Discussion Problems For section week of Sep 7, 2009 Problem 1 A physics professor on Earth gives an exam to his students who are on a spaceship traveling at speed v relative to the Earth. The moment the ship passes the Earth the professor signals the start of the exam. a. If the professor wants the students to have a time To (spaceship time) to take the exam, how long should the professor wait(Earth time) to send a light signal telling them to stop? b. At the end of the exam, the GSI instantly collects the exam and spends an additional time T1 (spaceship time) to grade the exam, at which point he sends the grades back to the profes- sor via a light signal. How long from the moment the spaceship passed the professor to when he/she recieved the grades (Earth time)? 1 ...
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