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summaries4 - Physics 7C Fall 2009 lecture bullet points...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 7C, Fall 2009 lecture bullet points VII-XIV I will write briefly some of the key “bullet points” covered in each lecture. They are not exhaustive. If you missed a lecture, you will definitely need to look at someone’s notes or the textbook, but this may help you know where to look. Lecture XV : Polarization: basic property of light wave. Examples of polarizing filters. Demon- stration of optical and microwave polarization; birefringence. Lecture XVI : Start modern physics. Quantization of mass and energy. Example: blackbody radiation–Planck’s idea about how to solve the infrared catastrophe. E = nhν and consequences. Lecture XVII : Rutherford model of the nuclear atom (Geiger-Marsden experiment). Compton scattering and existence of the photon. Lecture XVIII : Atomic spectra and Bohr model: angular momentum is quantized like energy. Bohr radius. Lecture XIX : Particle/wave duality: de Broglie wavelength and connection to Bohr model....
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