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California State University, Long Beach College of Education Department of Educational Psychology, Administration, and Counseling COUN 191 Personal and Career Exploration Fall 2009 Section 3:   M/W/F   11- 11:50  AM         (LA 1- 303) Section 4:   M/W        12:30- 1:45 PM      (LA 1- 303) Section 5:   M/W           2- 3:15 PM           (LA1- 303) College of Education Mission Statement Our mission is to foster a learning and teaching community committed to educational excellence. Our community promotes intellectual, personal, and interpersonal growth for all students; prepares socially responsible leaders for a rapidly changing, technologically-rich world; values diversity and prepares students for a diverse world; serves and collaborates with other educators and the community; promotes school improvement for all students; and engages in research, scholarly activity, and ongoing evaluation I am committed to your academic success. However, due to the extreme budget cuts, all 23 CSU campuses have cut admissions, classes, and faculty positions. Class sessions will be canceled on certain days this semester because of budget cuts. A canceled class means that CSULB does not have enough money in its budget to offer the services we believe we should offer. The days when I am forced to cancel class because of budget cuts are marked on your syllabus or will be posted on BeachBoard.
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Instructor Vivy Chao, M.Ed.   E-mail: Office: ED2-169  Office Hours: M/W 3:15 PM- 4:15 PM Catalog Description Prerequisite or Corequisite: Any foundation (G.E. Category A1, A2, A3, or B2) class.  Not open to students with credit in EDP 360I.  A course designed for, but not limited to,  entering and undeclared students.  An exploration of issues, topics, and tasks related to  personal, educational, and career choices.  Includes educational and career planning,  exploration  of personal  characteristics and individual   differences, life, work values,  interests, decision making, goal setting, and job/career search preparation.  Course Description This   course   focuses   on   awareness,   reflection,   and   integration   of   information   and  knowledge regarding personal growth, educational success, and career development,  as well as how these areas are connected with each other.   The course strongly  endorses the College of Education theme of Life-Long Learning, Personal Growth, and  Social Responsibility.   Throughout the course, students will examine these areas of 
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COUN191 - CaliforniaStateUniversity,LongBeach...

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