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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry W e om lc o e t CHEM 377A CHEM Eric J. Sorin, Ph.D. Eric California State University, Long Beach Who am I? What is physical chemistry? What is CHEM 377? CSULB - CHEM 377A 2 Dr. Eric J. Sorin Southern California native Ph.D. Chemistry (Stanford) Assistant Professor, Dept of Chem Dept & Biochem Biochem Teacher: 3rd year teaching PChem, also interested in Teacher: Intro & Gen Chem, science & technology education Intro Computational scientist: I study the physics of biological Computational molecules using computer modeling and simulations molecules CSULB - CHEM 377A 3 Research: Biosimulation Use idle computers from Use around the world to crunch numbers for us numbers Huge amounts of data Many permutations Free and powerful! Build better models! Molecular simulations of Molecular biologically relevant events events CSULB - CHEM 377A Protein folding RNA folding Confinement effects 4 What is physical chemistry? The application of physics to macroscopic, microscopic, The atomic, subatomic, and particulate phenomena in chemical systems … using the principles, practices and concepts of thermodynamics, kinetics, statistical mechanics, and quantum chemistry. mechanics, CHEM 377A CHEM 377B statistical mechanics will be used to connect the macroscopic and molecular levels CSULB - CHEM 377A 5 PChem in biology? PChem biology A few examples: Macromolecular motions, Macromolecular interactions, ion & drug binding, etc. binding, Bioenergetics (ATP, etc.) Membrane biology Membrane --structure, viscosity, pores --structure, Physiology & Metabolism Acid-base chemistry & electrochemistry (we’ll skip these!) Acid-base Reaction kinetics and transition state characteristics Reaction CSULB - CHEM 377A 6 Course Syllabus CSULB - CHEM 377A 7 Course Syllabus: Textbook “Physical Chemistry for the Physical Chemical and Biological Sciences.” by Raymond Chang (2000, Prentice Hall). (2000, “Problems and Solutions Problems Guide.” Leung & Marshall 2000, Prentice Hall. (Optional) Prentice Additional literature and internet Additional resources may also be used at my discretion. my CSULB - CHEM 377A 8 Course Syllabus: Prerequisites CHEM 111B (Gen. Chem.) and CHEM 251 (Quant. CHEM Analysis), both with grades of "C" or better; MATH 123 (Calc II, may be taken concurrently); PHYS 100B (Gen. Phys. track) or 152 (Eng. Phys. track). See me if you haven’t completed these courses!! See I will assume you have a working knowledge of general will working physics, chemistry, and biology during lectures. physics, CSULB - CHEM 377A 9 Course Syllabus: Format Course materials will be distributed via Beachboard Beachboard Lecture slides will be posted before each lecture so you can take notes on the discussions in-class rather than attempting to copy all of the information on the slides attempting Students are responsible for all material covered in both the assigned reading and lectures. Reading and problem sets are provided on page 4 of the course syllabus, and attendance will be essential. course A course calendar is available on Beachboard listing all course important dates. CSULB - CHEM 377A 10 10 Course Syllabus: Fridays! Some Fridays will go beyond the standard 50 Some minutes minutes Midterm exams will go to 11:30 Friday lectures may go a few minutes over to catch Friday up or finish review / problem solving sessions up Please keep your schedule open until 11:30 on Please Fridays! Fridays! CSULB - CHEM 377A 11 11 Course Syllabus: Objectives Physical explanations for WHY chemistry occurs the way it WHY does will be presented. Students are expected to: does Understand the basics of the concepts discussed, Obtain proficiency in the chemical, physical, and Obtain mathematical manipulations used to describe these processes, processes, Develop intellectual skills relating to quantitative problems solving, and problems Gain insight into chemical processes that take place in the world in which we live. in CSULB - CHEM 377A 12 12 Course Syllabus: Topics This course is the first half of a two-semester sequence. The emphasis this semester will be on chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, including: thermodynamics The Laws of Thermodynamics (Ch. 4 & 5) Free Energies & Chemical Equilibrium (Ch. 6 & 9) Free Real Gases & Kinetic Theory of Gases (Ch. 2 & 3) Real Chemical Kinetics (Ch. 12) Chemical Solution Chemistry (Ch. 7 & 8) Solution Applications (course project & in class discussion) 13 13 CSULB - CHEM 377A Course Syllabus: grading A total of 1000 points is available No credit will be given for late assignments! Problem Set 0 Pop Quizzes Midterm Exam #1 Midterm Midterm Exam #2 Midterm Exam #3 Intro Docking Intro Assign Assign Course Project Final Exam CSULB - CHEM 377A Due in class Monday February 1st In class 10AM on unspecified days Friday March 5th Friday Friday April 16th Wednesday May 12th Due in class Friday Feb. 26th Due in class Monday May 10th Wednesday May 19th 10:15–12:15 Wednesday May 50 50 100 200 200 200 200 150 150 25 25 75 200 200 1000 14 14 Course Syllabus: Review In general, students entering the CHEM 377 series have not used their calculus and physics pre-reqs in several semesters. Do you remember the derivative of e x ? Do 2 First Assignment: review of previous topics • Read Chang Chapter 1 & sections 2.1 thru 2.7 Read • Complete Problem Set #0 Complete Re-familiarize yourself with units & sci. notation Re-familiarize Review general physics, chem, & calculus topics Review Problem Set #0 is due in class next Monday. This is a lengthy problem set and will take some time. To be graded based on complete and correct answers … 50 points! complete CSULB - CHEM 377A 15 15 Course Syllabus: Extra Credit Maximum value of 30 points (3% of your total grade). Take Home Challenges are due within 2 weeks. More substantive EC projects may also be requested … see me during office hours or ask me via email see ALL EC work is to be submitted on paper (no electronic copies please!) copies All EC work is due by Monday May 10 th CSULB - CHEM 377A 16 16 Office hours & contact M/W 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Excluding Exam Days Or whenever my door is open or you find me in the lab! Or I am most responsive to email am Please make use of my office hours! I’m here not only Please to discuss this course, but also to talk about any other topics that are important to my students. Graduate Assistant: Yi An will also be available to Graduate students Tuesdays & Thursdays between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM in MLSC-300 (our research lab!) 4:00 CSULB - CHEM 377A 17 17 Dropping & Repeating Please refer to the CSULB website for the withdrawal Please policy and the new CSULB policy on repeating courses policy Students may withdraw from CHEM 377A any time on or Students before Friday April 23 before rd This is one week after Midterm Exam #2 … After Exam #2, you will have completed ~60% of the course, and you should base your decision to drop on your curved midterm exam 1 and 2 scores midterm Students may not withdraw due to poor performance Students after this date (during the last 3 weeks of classes) after Students retaking 377A must see me during office hours Students this week this CSULB - CHEM 377A or they will be dropped from the class! 18 18 Course Syllabus: Small Print! Problem sets may be completed in groups, but each student must fully understand the content and results of those assignments. Projects and exams are to be completed individually. Projects Credit will only be given for assignments that are turned in on time, clearly named, and fully legible. turned Cheating stinks and will be punished accordingly! See the course syllabus for more info … the CSULB - CHEM 377A 19 19 Course Syllabus : Small Print! Persons planning on taking exams through Disabled Persons Student Services must discuss this intention with me at Student least two weeks prior to the first exam. two No post-exam consideration will be entertained. No An agreement between the Instructor and Disabled Student Services is required as to the circumstances Student and conditions of administering exams. and All students are required to sign and return the Acknowledgement of the Course Syllabus before leaving today today CSULB - CHEM 377A 20 20 !!! Please hand in signed ACS now !!! Next Time! We’ll start our study of thermodynamics! Chapter 4. The 1 Law st No need to read it ahead of time! Print the lecture notes beforehand! CSULB - CHEM 377A 21 21 Take Home Challenge! Due within 2 weeks (5 points) CSULB - CHEM 377A 22 22 ...
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